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Hotel Search in Angeles City

Accommodation around Fields Avenue and A. Santos Street in Angeles City, Philippines more »
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Night Bar

Night Bar
New Night Bar
It's become quiet on Blowroad, lately. Penthouse hotel and condominiums are about to be finished and rainy season takes it's toll on tourist arrivals. Additionally, expats and retirees tend to omit the old Balibago tourist district. They prefer hangouts… more »
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Wild Orchid Resort

Wild Orchid
Luxury resort on Santos: The Wild Orchid Resort is lit in bright colors at night.
Maybe you like A. Santos Street so much that you wish to stay here? Are there hotels? Yes. Actually, one of Angeles City's best hotels is located here: Wild Orchid Resort. Surrounding a landscaped swimming pool ares that is unmatched in beauty three bui… more »
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Hope in Heaven Film

Hope in Heaven Bar
Hope in Heaven, by filmmaker Meredith Ralston, examines the country's sex trade and the young women it traps.
Film makers tend to present drama. They did a fine job when creating a documentary about prostitutes from the old Heaven Bar on Blowroad. Narrated by Hollywood-Star Kiefer Sutherland and presented by an Canadian ex-prostitute Hope in Heaven shows horrib… more »
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Black Pearl

Shadows Bar
Black Pearl bar is on the right side of Shadows and opposite of Wild orchid Resort. It's a rather small place.
One of the lesser known bars is Black Pearl. Just recently I was reminded about this place, because I think the father of Dennis Rodman hangs out here from time to time. Rodman who operates Rodman’s Rainbow Obamaburger in Angeles City has been seen drin… more »
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Treasure Island Reopening

Treasure Island Reopening
Formerly, one of the best known private party bars on Fields Avenue has relocated to A. Santos Street. It can be found opposite of Wild Orchid resort and adjacent to Up To You Bar. We are waiting for an announcement of a big party, so far it's just open… more »
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Party Animal = Barfine

partyanimal barfine
There is this saying Only in the Philippines. It's used whenever foreigner don't understand why Filipinos do things the way they do. One of those why-questions might me on Angeles City tourists' lips these days when they want to pay a barfine for a barg… more »
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Up to You Lounge

up to you
Recently, I emntioned a Santos Street bar: Honky Tonk opposite of Wild Orchid Resort. The bar has been closed in November 2011 for a few days and reopened under a new name: Up to You Lounge. It looks pretty much like before. Cheap drinks and a couple of… more »
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Road Construction

Kokomoz no parking
Road construction at night
As of March 2012 Angeles City and Barangay Balibago governments are conducting road construction on the corner of Fields Avenue and Santos Street. It's possibly a bad idea to try passing this bottle neck by vehicles this day to reach your Santos Street… more »
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One of the few mini bars on Santos Street: Goobles bar. It has a couple of GROs waiting for guests.
Another establishment on Blowroad Santos Street that has been closed down late 2011 for qualified trafficking. Recently, before the closure, Gobbles bar has been refurbished and renovated to attract customers from new Penthouse Hotel and Wild Orchid Res… more »
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Honky Tonk Bar

Waitress GRO
Two waitresses from Honky Tonk bar. The Filipina hostesses from this bar are fairly attractive and have good people skills. Very friendly and easy going place for laid back visitors who enjoy cheap drinks.
Straight across the street from luxury hotel 'Wild Orchid Resort' there was used to be a Santos Street watering hole: Honky Tonk Bar. It had the cheapest drinks in town. A couple of easy to get along with women would site around and ask for ladydrinks.… more »
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Kokomoz retaurant
Kokomoz restaurant and 24h hangout
Few years back there were just 2 large 24h restaurants on Fields Avenue: Margarita Ville and Kokomoz. They are both still in business althought many things around them have changed. Originally, founded by Canadian Dave Fischer, Kokomoz has become a very… more »
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Rhapsody Bar

Rhapsody Bar Angeles City
While it's located on Santos Street, it's not a classic Blowroad bar, but more one of the glamor bars from Fields Avenue. The manager of this bar has been involved in many charity events giving underprivileged kids and people a new perspective and manag… more »
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Shadows Bar

Shadows Bar
Popular hangout for frugal Johns and late night punters. Minibar Shadows is open 24 hours and positioned close to the Wild Orchid Resort and next to Honky Tonk and Black Pearl bars. The venue was recently renovated. It's a small bar with public area to… more »
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Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace
Entrance of Crystal Palace bar on Real Street at night
Real Street's biggest bar is just a stone throw away from A. Santos. It's one of the most glamorous bars of Angeles City's tourist district with up 300 dancers on 2 stages. Daily performances of spotlight dancers who are called 'Princesses' can be seen… more »
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Fields Avenue: Angeles City Adult Tourist RLD

Club Atlantis
Night time on Field's Avenue around Club Atlantis
While Santos Street has it's fans the main drag of Angeles City's tourist entertainment district is Fields Avenue. Formerly named Clark Field Avenue during times when nearby Clark Field was an US-American airbase this strip started to become one of the… more »
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Perimeter Road

Perimeter Road
Certainly, Perimeter Road is lesser known as an entertainment area than Fields and Blow Road A. Santos. This long stretch of asphalt from Checkpoint to Friendship gate hosts many bars with cheap drinks and easy women. Everything is cheaper as it's geare… more »
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A. Santos on Youtube

A couple of videos about street life on A. Santos were uploaded on Youtube. The first video shows WOW bar during daytime. A working lady is sitting on the floor while waiting for customers. The same corner is often frequented by cross dressers and Billi… more »
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Where to find Santos Street

Walking Street Angeles
Entrance to tourist entertainment district of Angeles City from Santos Street. At night time it is closed for traffic. There is just a small trike station beside Rhapsody and Mo's Place (Kokomos).
Entrance to tourist enetertainment district of Angeles City from Santos Street. At night time it is closed for traffic. There is just a small trike station beside Rhapsody and Mo's Place (Kokomos). A. Santos Street is located in Angeles City, Philippin… more »