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Fields Avenue: Angeles City Adult Tourist RLD

  07/10/11, Tourist, 227 words in Categories: Angeles City

Fields Avenue: Angeles City Adult Tourist RLD

Club Atlantis
Night time on Field's Avenue around Club Atlantis
While Santos Street has it's fans the main drag of Angeles City's tourist entertainment district is Fields Avenue. Formerly named Clark Field Avenue during times when nearby Clark Field was an US-American airbase this strip started to become one of the largest red-light and adult entertainment venue for foreigners in the Philippines. Together with internet reports on newsgroups like alt.sex.prostitution and the World Sex Guide on Paranoia host. Angeles City's Fields Avenue quickly became very popular in the late 1990ies. It's probably the first red-light district in the World that has founded it's existence and growth by ...
Club Asia
Entrance to Club Asia and it's two sister clubs (mostly closed during low season)
Lancelot Club Angeles
Right at the end of Santos Street: Club Lancelot Fields Avenue
Dirty Duck Bar Angeles City
Dirty Duck Bar and Voodoo
Fields Avenue
Night traffic on Fields Avenue west end with view on Camelot, Bunny Ranch and Brown Sugar
Genesis Club
Doorgirl in front of Genesis Club waiting for customers. Genesis is part of La Pasha group, a German managed investment company in this red-light district
The Honey Pot
The Honey Pot bar on Fields next to Bunny Ranch
Insomnia and Da Club
West end of Fields Avenue with Insonia and Da Club. Two budget bars with lots of Cherry girl dancers
Margarita Station
Margarita Station at night. Play pool and eat inernational budget cuisine 24h

popularity through specific websites like Go to Phil, Asian Escapades and World Sex Archives. A British expat named John Beeline, who founded a travel agency in Angeles City, was the most instrumental person in bringing sex tourism travel to Angeles City. His constant promotion of bars and events like wet t-shirt contests have helped to spread the word about Angeles City around the globe. With his help the once dirty Third World RLD has transformed into a world wide well know destination for adult travel. The biggest befeciaries of his promotion were nightclubs along Fields Avenue who with the new support of Clark's international airport DMIA and it's connecting flights to Malaysia, Macau and Singapore have attracted a very large crowd of fun and entertainment seeking gamblers and poker players.

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Comment from: leroy

I went to feild avenue and was walking down the street then a two door girls dragged me into the honey pot I was asked by the mammasan if I wanted to take a girl or two to my hotel anyways I ended up porking one of the door girls. she mustve been around 18 years old. Man that was great and only about 25 dollars.

12/07/11 @ 20:57