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Where to find Santos Street

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Where to find Santos Street

Walking Street Angeles
Entrance to tourist entertainment district of Angeles City from Santos Street. At night time it is closed for traffic. There is just a small trike station beside Rhapsody and Mo's Place (Kokomos).

A. Santos Street is located in Angeles City, Philippines. It is part of barangay (suburb) Balibago. It's a t-head street ending at Field's Avenue inside Angeles' tourist entertainment district known for bars like Lancelot, Welcome Inn, Rhapsody and Treasure Island. Due to it's proximity to Fields Avenue, life on A. Santos Street is dominated by hotels, restaurants and bars. Hotels like Swiss Chalet, Bourbon Street Apartments and The Wild Orchid are located on this strip. There are various apartments and boarding houses located on Santos Street as well.
Santos Street is also called Blow Road due to prostitution activities inside mini bars located between Wild Orchid Resort and corner of Real Street. Prostitutes working in these bars are said to perform oral sex while normal Filipina women working out of Fields Avenue bars frown upon delivering such services even after being barfined.

Previously, this drag was used by cross-dressers and transsexuals who would offer oral sex to drunk soldiers after closure of normal bars early in the morning. As they were unable to conduct straight sex without having their real gender revealed, they just offered blowjobs inside small rooms located in the back of residential buildings. For some reason, man customers would feel ashamed of finding out they were served by same gender and transgenders would feel threatened - often having to give up the money for their service to avoid physical harm. However, times have changed. Today, transsexuals, who are also called Billie Boys openly parade the street to offer company to by-passers. Sometimes they get very aggressive and lewd. Mini Bars located on Santos Street just allow female workers to conduct work in their houses, normally. They do need similar permits for work as bargirls on Field's Avenue establishments.

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Had a great time mongering in Angeles a few years back now, I remember a few of them bars down Santos Street, at the time just thought it was part of Fields Av.

02/22/12 @ 18:04